Top ten reasons for managed server hosting

Top ten reasons for managed server hosting

Managed server hosting has many benefits, not least the fact it is a highly scalable method of data management, storage and dissemination. As increasing numbers of stakeholders demand 24/7 access to date for numerous reasons, managed server hosting is an on-demand service which is entirely bespoke to any business model. As a business grows and the operational landscape changes data management remains fully scalable without the physical issues imposed on owned servers.

Image of a typical server rack waiting for managed hosting servers to be deployed

There are many reasons why managed hosting is an ideal solution for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The top ten (I believe) are listed below in no particular order.

  1. Security – data theft and malicious attack are all too frequent. E-commerce servers for instance require several layers of security such as firewalls, payment gateways and enhanced data handling.
  2. Reliability – managed servers typically have what is known as ‘No Single Point of Failure’. This guarantees 100% uptime and zero downtime.
  3. Super fast operation – fibre channel disk technology with integrated, dedicated disk controllers and cloud hosting software are typically the norm.
  4. Scalability – as your business grows and demand increases, server space is scalable yet at the same time remains manageable.
  5. Compliant – if servers hold data of a personal nature, it is essential the server complies with any relevant data protection laws.
  6. Data backup – loss of data as a result of fire, flood or other natural disaster happens more frequently than you may imagine. Backup solutions in a cloud environment are entirely bespoke but guaranteed 100% secure.
  7. Support – any skill sets which you do not have in house are guaranteed as an element of the support package managed server hosting firms provide.
  8. Reduced cost – server hosting packages are by their nature a lot less expensive than self hosting. You do not have to employ support workers, set aside areas for server racks, security or manage backup media locations.
  9. Multi platform – Unix servers, Windows servers and Linux operating systems are typically available in a hosting package. Because you are paying for hosting and management, security patches and fixes are always up to date, installed and tested.
  10. Self managed – you can either manage the servers from a remote location or place the entire management in the hands of the vendor. Packages for managed server hosting are entirely bespoke to fit your current business IT and operations model.

There are many more reasons why cloud and managed server hosting are viable propositions for the owners, CEOs and executive boards of SMEs. These I believe to be the more important and top ten reasons why anyone with a say in the day to day operational needs of a company should choose managed server hosting.

If your business model is reliant on a complex IT infrastructure (you’re in the majority) a simple solution to your complex set up is managed host servers.

An audit of your business and the way in which integrated systems have to operate will soon provide the answer to your questions.