The Importance of Social Media Likes

The Importance of Social Media Likes

As a small business owner, you naturally make use of every type of marketing channel you can get and that includes social media. Today, social media has become one of the biggest and most important ways of marketing your products and services both to current customers and to those who may become future customers. One component of social media that many sites such as Instagram make use of is likes. Some people don’t see likes as that important, but there are many reasons why you want to get as many likes on each post as you possibly can.


They Show That People Are Looking at Your Posts

Depending on what social media platform you’re on, you may be able to see how many people have viewed your post. Even if the platform does provide you with that information, those numbers are usually not visible to other visitors. Likes, however, are visible to everyone who sees the post. If you have thousands of people seeing your posts but only a few dozen liking it, it may appear to other visitors that you have very few followers who care to see what you’re sharing. Likes make others recognise that your company is worth following and interacting with.

This can make a major difference in how many people follow you. If someone looks at your profile and sees that you already have thousands of likes on most of your posts after only a few months of being active, he or she will see that you’re someone worth paying attention to. On the other hand, if he or she sees that your profile has been active for a few years and you only have a few hundred likes on your posts, he or she may wonder if there’s a reason people aren’t engaging with you. This is why you may want to buy Instagram likes when you first start your profile.

You Can See Who to Follow

If you see people following you whom you know are influencers or important people in your industry, you can follow them back to help build up that relationship. They will see that you’ve followed them, and it may open a dialogue that could lead to a collaboration or partnership in the future. Social networking isn’t just about marketing, and you want to take advantage of any networking opportunity that comes up.

Learn What Resonates with Your Customers

Likes are also a good way to learn what your customers want to see from you on social media. If you post a lot of product photos on Instagram and only get a few likes on them, you can try changing a few things. Try using different photography techniques to see if the photo quality or setup is the problem. If it’s not, you can try posting less staged images and more images with customers using your products. You could even start adding some casual shots from around the office or your store. If those images get more likes, you know that’s the better way to go, and you can slowly use some experimental images to determine what gets you the most likes.