The world is going online. This is the age of internet and Smartphones and it is here to stay for a while. As everyone is becoming more and more aware of the internet and understands what their mobiles can do, retailers are the ones benefiting from this. Using this information, they are making mobile apps for their stores.


This is very convenient to the customers also – better than even websites. Apps are faster, more user-friendly, and provide a more personalized experience. Retailers also prefer making these apps due to the benefits they extend. There has been a drastic increase in the users of mobile shopping apps, and the number keeps increasing every day, leaving behind all other sectors.

A few reasons for this increasing love for top online shopping sites and apps like Tata CLiQ are-

  1. Better Experience

Apps provide a far better experience than real-time shopping or websites. They save your time and efforts and also save you from the crowd in the stores. They offer discount and allow us to send complaints, if any, all in one place. Retailers are adopting the “cross-channel” approach, i.e. they enable the users to move freely between various different channels.

  1. Easy accessibility

Since it is a mobile app, it is readily available to the customer at any time. Everybody has a smartphone in today’s date and most of them have iOS or android and thus can use these apps at any point in time. Contrary to websites, apps don’t crash during heavy traffic, nor do these get physically crowded like real-time stores. Thus, the customer can be very comfortable while shopping. These make the whole shopping experience very nice and easy.

  1. More personalized experience

These apps get to know the customers over a period of time after regular use. The customer can put filters and save items for later. They may even save their preferences for later use. Thus, as the client gets to know the apps, so does the app. It is a two-way road of joy. The apps ping you when there is new discount and send you notifications for other deals and offers. They keep the customers busy and are thus, also becoming a way to pass the time.

  1. More variety

This cannot be stressed on enough. Top shopping apps like the TATA app provide a large variety and range of all items. You find all brands and sizes and colors, all at one place and at a much lower price than stores. There are hundreds of items to choose from.

  1. Suitable payment methods

Mobile apps even provide you with payment options. You could pay with gift cards, credit cards or decide to pay on delivery. The comforts of mobile apps are beyond explanation. The cash on delivery method is preferred by most customers and is very convenient too.

Top shopping apps like the TATA shopping app, Myntra app, and Amazon app all have the same purpose of engaging customers with the store. Due to the convenience and ease of use, this segment is growing faster than ever.