Best Methods to Find Free Wi-Fi on Your iPhone

Best Methods to Find Free Wi-Fi on Your iPhone

You are at a public place and have some time to kill. And your friends have probably posted dozens of interesting Facebook updates, but you can’t see them. You need to connect to the Internet, and you need to do it fast.

According to Data Alliance, the typical prices for mobile Internet in the US range from $1.5 to $3 per 100 MB of data. You’d need to pay a hefty amount just to look at a few of your friends’ pictures!


Fortunately, you’ve got your trusty iPhone with you. And since you are a wise guy or girl, you’ve installed at least a Wi-Fi hotspot finder app on it. If this has happened indeed, you are going to find a free Wi-Fi connection in no time. And if it didn’t happen, you can read this article and discover the best hotspot finder apps for iPhone right now.

  1. Avast Wi-Fi Finder

This app sits at the top of our list because it was built by a serious company and is very reliable.

Avast has come up with a good app indeed, but its power is significantly boosted by its curated list of hotspots. Yes, Wi-Fi Finder includes a list of 100% free, reliable, lightning fast Wi-Fi connections.

The list consists of hotspots that have been verified by real people, who are living across the entire world. And the good news doesn’t stop here: you can use the app to determine the actual speed of each Wi-Fi network before connecting to it – a huge time saver, if you ask me.

Each hotspot is rated according to its security as well. This will help keep your precious smartphone free from viruses or any other form of malware.

You can either connect to a free Wi-Fi network that’s near your location, or ask Avast Wi-Fi Finder to show you several high rated, high speed networks that are close enough to you. Sometimes it pays to take a short walk, and then get access to a secure, blazing fast Internet connection for free!

If you frequent some places regularly, you will be glad to discover that Avast saves your passwords, so it will reconnect the phone to your favorite networks automatically.

Avast is also the maker of a good antivirus, and it shows; its app can alert you whenever you try to connect to a network that would pose security risks.

  1. WiFi Map

WiFi Map has taken the second place in this article, but due to its popularity it could easily share the #1 spot with Avast’s application.

Having “The largest Wi-Fi community in the World!” as a tag line, it’s clear that the app is based on user feedback right from the start. And when it comes to the number of downloads, WiFi Map is the #1 app in about 40 countries.

The application includes a database of millions of free Wi-Fi hotspots, and the info for each one of them goes beyond the strictly needed data (network name and pass). You will also find detailed maps, tips, and even the ability of sharing the best hotspots with your friends using the top social media channels. If you want to maximize your chances of getting free Wi-Fi access anywhere in the world, WiFi Map should definitely be installed on your iPhone.

There are more apps like the ones above, of course, but these two are the very best ones that you can find for free.